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I was born in Cd. Juárez, that’s north Mexico near the border with El Paso, Texas, almost all my academic education has taken place here, my family and I have been on this city for 4 generations and we love the dynamics of living in the border with the U.S. I am a professional business consultant that strives to help businesses grow using a technological approach and love teaching as a college chair professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey system.

I'm an Excel® expert and work a lot with enterprise environments at highly respected firms, among my portfolio's clients who have been trained in one of my courses or provided with consultancy services are but not limited to these fortune 500 companies: Grupo Bimbo, Cardinal Health, Eaton, Oxxo, AOSmith, Citigroup, Legget & Platt, Delphi Technologies and others.

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